CCM Structure


The CCM All comprises of 19 substantive members, and 19 of their alternates, bringing CCM ALL membership to 38. The CCM consists of members from stakeholder constituencies represented at the national level. Membership of the CCM are as follows: Government, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), People living with or affected by the disease. (PLWDs), private sector organizations, Faith-based organizations (FBOs), Academia, Key affected populations (KAPs) and Bilateral and Multilateral Development Partners in Swaziland

Executive Committee

The CCM Executive Committee, is responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of the CCM Secretariat, for supporting and coordinating temporary task teams of the CCM, and attending to routine or urgent communications for which calling CCM meetings is not warranted or feasible. Responsibilities of the executive committee include making recommendations and facilitating decision makinng on matters arising in between CCM meetings, as well to plan and oversee activities to strengthen the capacity of the CCM members, including orientation of new members.

Oversight Committee

The oversight goal is to ensure the implementation of activities and the use of resources in accordance with the grant agreement. The Oversight Committee provides strategic direction to PRs when needed, ensures compliance with Global Fund policies and procedures, establishes financial controls, and following up on key recommendations. The most important function of the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) is oversight. The CCM oversees the performance of the grants to ensure that they achieve the established targets for the programs that they are implementing.

Ethics and Governance Committee

The Ethics and Governance Committee’s role is to oversee adherence by the CCM and its stakeholders to appropriate standards of ethical behavior, as described in related Global Fund policies, codes and requirements; and implementation of the procedures and operations related to the Global Fund’s governance structure and its core governance functions.

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